Detailed Services

Consultations That Respect Your Budget

During our Interior ReDesign consultation, which can take up to 2 hours, we can determine what you would like to have redesigned, what your decorating challenges are, your budget, function and purpose of the room/s, traffic pattern, etc. At that point, you will be able to determine whether or not you want us to go forward with the ReDesign or you prefer to do it yourself.

Redesigns For The Home

During your ultimate interior design makeover day, you will have the option of either hours of relaxation or just taking that time to get your errands done while BARBARA POLHEMUS INTERIORS is working to ReDesign your home. (NOTE: You may also opt to be our “trusty assistant” and take part in the makeover). We do the ReDesign by stripping all the furniture and accessories out of the room, finding the focal point and then layering up the room again. The result will be an amazing transformation! It costs less than a piece of furniture and is done in less than a day.

Redesigns For Commercial Properties

This is often one of the most overlooked “first impressions”. Clients and Patients judge your business expertise by what they can see. Why not make their time in your waiting area one that is comfortable and pleasant. We will re-arrange the space and make suggestions on decorating, art, lighting and paint colors.

Levels Of Staging A Home For Sale

Level One - A Custom Report
BARBARA POLHEMUS INTERIORS will do a custom report by walking through your home with you and suggesting what to keep and what to edit out. Our goal is to make your home appear more spacious and appealing to buyers so that you will get the highest possible price in the shortest amount of time. You will receive a written report within 2 days and you can either proceed by yourself or hire us to do the job.

Level Two - Physical Rearrangement
It is difficult for sellers to be objective about their home so it is valuable to hire a professional Stager to accomplish the task of optimizing the space to appeal to the buyer’s eyes and suggesting certain changes that will update the home.


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